Got Architectural Salvage, Reclaimed Wood, or Antiques?

Always buying from one piece to entire buildings contact us today.

What we look for.

  • Old house parts.
  • Vintage plumbing and hardware
  • Salvage rights to historic buildings, homes, and barns before demolition.
  • Reclaimed lumber
  • Nautical antiques/ industrial
  • Rare and unusual items aka "funky finds"

Individual items

At Tampa Bay Salvage we are always seeking unique and unusual antiques. Please submit your photos below with a description of the item and asking price. Please note; that these items will be for re-sale and offers will reflect as such.

Historical building, home, or barn coming down?

We are licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience in the removal of salvage. Submit your info below;

  • Location
  • Confirmation that you are the owner and decision maker for the property
  • Digital photos of the exterior and interior
  • Description of select items in the structure - age /and history if available.
  • Schedule for the demolition and timeline for removal.