Operation Salvage

My brief career as a “B” television star (co-star, actually) was a rather interesting experience. We filmed only a handful of episodes and proved it’s a LOT harder than it looks. A great experience nevertheless and a small taste of television magic. Perhaps its success didn’t flourish as we are rather normal people, not yelling at one another with no real daily drama to speak of. Rather we are just hard working “regular” guys trying to make a buck doing what we love to do. I did realize that I was a much better carpenter, welder, and restorationist than a t.v. personality any day of the week! I have to give credit where credit is due and television stars DO work very hard and their job is difficult and demanding, whether its actual acting or “reality tv”. I guess most importantly I had fun….and helped galvanize my reputation in my field of expertise.

Dirty Jobs

We shot the episode on the hottest day imaginable at the old Upsala College in East Orange, New Jersey. This was many months before Dirty Jobs ever aired for the first time, so we weren’t so sure what to expect. My main concern was to not look stupid, but the great folks at the Discovery Channel assured me Mike (Rowe) was the only one who would be looking stupid and that it was more of a homage to the hard working folks of America. It was my first time on camera and I felt very at ease and comfortable. We had a blast creating a lifelong memory. I was happy to see the show grow to be so successful. Thank you to the staff and crew at Discovery for including us.