Join us August 31st -September 2nd, 2019 (Labor Day Weekend) for our 8th Annual End Of Summer Sale. Enjoy live music while you shop with The Black Honkeys, and the Jahfari Reggae Band, Complimentary Catering and drinks with Savory Roots Catering and Events, give-aways, fun for the kids, and get ready to do some good picking as this will be our biggest red-tagged sale event to date with items up to 60% off, as we get ready for the new season of arrivals! Join our events page below with updated info daily you don’t want to miss our biggest sale event of the year!


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We have just returned from South America and we have some amazing slabs heading your way! Because it is important to us and to our customers to assure re-forestation, Tampa Bay Salvage is happy to announce our new “KEEPING OUR SLABS GREEN” project. Not only can our customers be provided with the best quality kilned dried slabs at the best prices, you can now be assured that when you purchase a slab from us a portion of your dollars goes to protecting our rain forrest, as for every tree that is cut or felled 10 saplings are planted in its place. We started this business to recycle, and to make old things new again by giving them a second life. We feel the same way about our reclaimed tables and when you are talking about new wood we don’t want to be part of the problem we want to be part of the solution, so you can safely buy slabs from us that will contribute to the future of generations to come. Heres a peek at slabs that are heading your way! Check out our live Facebook video below to hear Josh speak about our new project and spread the word as theres even more reason now to stop in and build with us!

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How to shop for architectural salvage and make the old new again.

We get this all the time.. ” I absolutely love this stuff, those doors, the wrought iron, the elevator!” But how? How do I mix all of these eclectic finds into our space? Architectural Salvage is defined as the selling of old house parts salvaged from demolished or remodeled structures and giving them new life. Over the years I have seen this industry change from your traditional clawfoot tub, or earthenware sink, 5 panel doors, and corbels, to custom work, imports and reproduction antiques. Not everyone is looking to restore an old house….once a “big box store” of antique house parts….hold on….not so much anymore. The trend is moving more towards all aspects of home decor. From mirrors made out of recycled antique ceiling tiles to wooden picture frames from old bead board. Sure the purists will come in and buy beautiful old stained glass windows and cool teak doors from India, but the vast majority of customers are buying Mexican imported home decor and wire iron. BOTH are cool and have their uses, sure. Times are changing and so are we! We had to respond to our customers as any business does that wants to survive the ebbs and flows of the market life-cycle. SO – in essence we had to broaden our scope somewhat. We love the rare and unusual the “Funky Finds” so that staple of weird one of a kinds will always be a part of what we do to leave folks talking….not to mention coming back! From old airplane engine turbines, giant terra cotta English urns, Zebra hides, and 15′ tall Teak palace doors. That stuff is always cool. Who doesn’t like an old English Telly? We love that stuff! But we need to cater to everyone at all price levels to offer a great selection. Our main goal is for everyone that comes in is able to walk out with something in their budget. Reproduction antiques are more affordable and STILL cool – take a cast iron mermaid made in China or a metal bracket made in India. Both new and both very cool. They are reasonably priced and look good. So despite a changing economy of times we do have something for purists and decor shoppers alike. Need an 80″ Craftsman style door? Chances are we have it -need an old English stained glass window for your kitchen, ditto. We even offer things that aren’t even in stock…anything you can dream up we can most likely build it. Another important facet of today’s architectural salvage world. Custom work is hotter than ever. You see the pieces you want – we will make it into something you’ll love. So how DO you shop for architectural antiques? Truth is, you have to get out and start looking and do it frequently as our store is never the same twice and we pick the globe to keep it that way! How do you fit it in with your space? Well we have learned there is NO wrong way and most of the time your idea is as good as ours! Stop in and check us out at both of our locations, be inspired, and get creative with us!

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Custom woodworking and welding services why choose us?

Tampa Bay Salvage takes pride in our custom projects. From upscaled restaurants, hotels, to celebrity clients, and sports stars- we have done it all, and have served clients all across the U.S. from notable colleges and universities, to casinos, and high end public buildings. Count on a name you can trust with years of expertise and sustainable furnishings- with a resume to boot. We stand behind our work and techniques for a life-time. We offer a full wood working and welding shop, and we are fully licensed and insured. We are your one stop shop for all your custom needs and serve both commercial and residential all across the U.S. Stop by and meet Josh and Jess, our custom team, and T- bone to be inspired and see why people choose Tampa Bay Salvage for all their custom needs.

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Global Picking Trip

We are getting ready to embark on one of our biggest global picking trips yet. Stay tuned and follow our journey on all of our social sites.

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Reclaimed Wood | Tampa Bay Salvage

Friday Favorite: Reclaimed Costa Rican Wood

Friday Favorite: Costa Rican Reclaimed Wood Tampa Bay Salvage would like to introduce to you, Friday Favorites! Our Friday Favorite blogs are dedicated to highlighting some of our most special and unique pieces. These highlights will include the antique’s history as well as some friendly tips and ideas on how to utilize it. The purpose

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Architectural Salvage | Tampa Bay Salvage

One Of A Kind Architectural Salvage

One of A Kind Architectural Salvage Exploring hidden corners of the globe, discovering the unusual, seeing the spectacular and encountering unexpected finds in architectural salvage is our mission. Bringing them home to you is our pleasure. Tampa Bay Salvage specializes in architectural salvage and antiques from across the globe. We have a large selection of

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7TH Annual End of Summer Sale!


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