Tampa Bay Salvage specializes in architectural salvage and antiques from across the globe. We have a large selection of antique doors, windows, stained glass, fireplace mantels, old lighting and antique tile. Old house parts are our business. From ordinary to extraordinary and everything in between. We always have huge amounts of reclaimed flooring and lumber, industrial elements, antique garden elements, wrought iron, antique hardware and custom furniture built from recycled materials.

What exactly is Architectural Salvage?
Architectural salvage is the reclamation or reuse of architectural materials. It is gaining popularity as a creative and profitable market. Products are most often salvaged elements from buildings slated for demolition, including homes, churches and commercial properties. These salvaged materials may range from aged barn wood flooring, furniture, doors and marble fireplaces to claw foot tubs, ornate radiators and handcrafted decorative hardware.

Architectural salvage is a wonderful way to protect our conuntry’s rich tangible history. The salvage and reuse of building materials helps to preserve historic and antique fixtures, furniture and building materials and prevents more waste from entering landfills. Finally, architectural salvage reduces the consumption of new resources and opens up new markets and job opportunities.